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2020 Fashion Trends

New Year, New Clothes!

Hey Dyubo Divas! We’re getting ready for all the new year and new decade has to offer, starting with new trends! How do you know what to wear? We’ll tell you. We’re gonna break down the top five things we expect to see trending on all your social media in the next coming months. And don’t forget, you’ll soon be able to get yours right here at Department Dyubo.


Bright Colors

There is no missing you in these! “Highlighter colors” are a personal favorite of mine. They look great at brunch or great in the club and can be paired with many neutrals so that the bright piece is your “wow” factor.

Statement Sleeves

This is a new one that we’re excited to watch! It has always been a hit or a miss and statement sleeves are definitely an acquired preference. But, if you’re looking for that sunny weather in Europe vibe, look no further. Check out the picture to the left for something coming to the site in the spring.

Animal Print

Snakeskin has been “in” the last few months. You can rock this on your shoes, shirt, purse - pretty much anything! Cheetah print has been sneaking up close behind it. Spice up your jeans and converse or sandals with a cheetah print cami to keep heads turning.

Polka Dots

Polka dots got their origin in Germany but became popular in the United States in the 1920s when Minnie Mouse was created. Who doesn’t love Minnie Mouse? Polka dots are the perfect pattern to add a touch of femininity to outfits for any occasion.

Bralettes/ Bra Tops

This was a popular headline after fashion week runway shows: “Lingerie is the new outerwear”. Solid bralettes have been seen a lot lately under a cardigan or oversized shirt. Bralettes and corsets were even seen a lot over clothing rather than under it.

All these are the result of observation from fashion week shows around the world and sites like Baazar magazine. Fashion trends are always changing so…

Until next time!

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