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Hi all!

I hope everyone is doing well amid the COVID-19 chaos. I was on the fence about whether or not to make comments about it because I am sure you have all had your fair share of info from all types of media outlets. I was planning out some new content and decided to write a short piece so there is no confusion.


First, addressing orders. So long as the post offices and shipping carriers are open, we will be sending out orders. According to the World Health Organization, there is little to no chance of being able to contract something through the mail. COV-19 is spread most often through respiratory droplets. That being said, one can never be too careful. A good practice to take up, for packages and regular mail, is to clean them with alcohol or disinfecting wipes to be safer.

Second, a few days ago we began promoting a pop-up event we will be taking part in during the month of May. The event is on May 16th from 12-6 pm in Brooklyn. The flyer will be attached under this section. Most events, if not all, in New York State that were set for the next 2-3 weeks have been canceled. This event is far out, therefore there currently are no rules set in place that affect it. Should the government enforce a new restriction that changes this, we will let you know.

Third, we will try to keep business as usual for as long as possible. That means that the spring and summer products are launching next Friday, March 27, 2020. We are very excited for you all to see the new styles.

Lastly, stay well! These are scary and unusual times but there is an end! Hopefully, it comes sooner rather than later. Enjoy time with your families, facetime your friends, and get that extra workout in! Make the best out of the situation because we still have our health.

As previously stated, should anything change, we will announce it.

Until next time!

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